Brian Gallagher is the author of the award winning historical thriller, Vatican Protocol. Gallagher's novel is popular worldwide and is available in print, Kindle and as an audio book.

His latest novel, Serial K, is a departure from the religious conspiracy of the Vatican ProtocolSerial K is a psychological thriller that delves into the mind of a serial killer.

The son of parents who met in art school, Gallagher discovered Ian Fleming's James Bond in high school. He was  later fascinated by Robert Ludlum's stories of conspiracy between religious factions, governments and clandestine groups, which continues to be  a strong influence on his writing today.

He is a graduate of Milton College, where he studied history, political science and religion. Gallagher's long career as a software executive led to extensive and frequent travel to Europe. The combination of his education and European travel created the foundation for  his historical thrillers

Gallagher's style encompasses the following:

*Thorough research of his subject matter leading to a historically accurate narrative 

* Expose little known facts that will shock the reader

* Include rumor, legend, superstition and undocumented facts into a plausible story line

*Provide factual detail for hotels, locations and as granular as the restaurant menu 

*Unmask institutional  hypocrisy  when appropriate

*Create multiple plot lines that builds suspense and allows for a fast paced tale

*Leave the readers questioning if the story could be true

Gallagher has just released the sequel to Serial K,  titled Serial K Returns,

which is available on Amazon, in print and Kindle as well as selected book stores and over thirty online sites.. He is currently working on his fourth novel named Shapeshifter.

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Rating 4 stars out of 4
Fans of intrigue rooted in religious tradition and history and steeped in the mysteries of sects,discoveries, and ancient texts will

relish Brian Gallagher's Vatican Protocol, a novel based on real events.
Black operations groups,old wars between popes and Catholic hierarchies, heretics and philosophies challenged, and castles,

labs, and dangerous discoveries all blend in a thriller centered on religious secrets.
Any who have enjoyed The DaVinci Code and Indiana Jones adventures will find  Vatican Protocol a hard-hitting novel of intrigue

and adventure whose protagonist crosses continents in a quest to reveal an increasingly challenging truth. 
Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review

Review Rating:                      5 stars out of 5
Aliens, Nazis and the Vatican - what could be better for a story? Brian Gallagher has done a superb job combining history, mystery, religion, conspiracies, murder, intrigue and, of course, aliens in The Vatican Protocol. Once the action started, wow, it took off like a rocket. The plot was strong and compelling, full of action and adventure.  
The author is a great story teller and I found myself eagerly ready to turn the next page. Very nicely done. 
Reviewed By Paul F. Johnson for Readers' Favorite 
Official Review  of Vatican Protocol 
        4 stars out of 4
The story moves smoothly across multiple settings, including Wisconsin, Oregon, Germany, France, Amsterdam, and the Vatican. Each setting had a distinct feel and I felt like I was right there in each place. 
The tension builds i
n the second half and the storyline roars full steam ahead to a dazzling ending.
 I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys international thrillers with a historical angle. I look forward to reading future books by this debut author. 
Reviewed by bookowlie

Review Rating        5 stars out of 5
Wartime Germany and Nazi secrets, castles, secret societies, and a Catholic Pope. How could these themes possibly tie together? We travel across continents, plunge into dangerous waters, and follow one man as he risks his life, and that of others, to uncover the mysteries of alien contact, advanced technology, conspiracies and frightening religious truths. 
Somewhat reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code, or at least as controversial, this book will challenge your beliefs as you plunge through this harrowing thriller. Loved the story and the idea. A must-read for all lovers of The Da Vinci Code and conspiracy theories! 
Reviewed By Carol Coetzee for Readers' Favorite 

Review: 4 stars
Brian Gallagher is a conspiracy theorist's dream come true. Brian Gallagher pens a tale of intrigue and suspense in The Vatican Protocol. This narrative creates an enticing maze, full of action and twists and turns, but from the very beginning reveals what lies at the maze's end.
I truly enjoyed the ending. The conclusion paints the picture held within the soul of every writer - what if my imaginings turn out to be real? 
Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

Reviewer: Danielle Urban       (SERIAL K)
Urban Lit Magazine​
Serial K by Brian Gallagher is the latest novel by this talented writer. His new book took me by surprise. This is completely different from his first novel and a whole lot more complex.  The tale reveals a serial killer set on copying his "heroes" who just happened to be the worst and most famous serial killers of their time. The plot moves quickly as the numbers of dead bodies pile up...and the FBI  feels the pressure. Imagine a serial killer being smart enough to create doubt in the collective FBI mind...that kind of power sent chills down my spine. The murders occur in a bone chilling realistic way. I felt like I was dragged into the darkest CSI crime episode of all time. The killer is a sociopath who feels nothing yet responds when he’s ridiculed. His anger and childhood traumas define how he came to be what he is...and while the FBI thinks they’ve solved the crime, they’re wrong...because this serial killer isn't done. Especially, after a reporter with the Arizona Republic mocks him. 

Brian Gallagher brought out the darkest yet most haunting tale to readers everywhere. I learned facts and details that actually describe serial killers, their motives and why they do what they do. Being inside a serial killer's mind is frightening. Yet, here I was deeply engrossed in the plot. Fast, well-written, and engaging. I was constantly held in suspense. The beginning caught my attention and from there I was pulled into this novel. The scenes were deadly and gruesome, but believable yet entertaining. Brian Gallagher has once again lured me into his brilliant world of fiction. His work never ceases to amaze me. I loved reading this new title, and I can't wait to see his next book.  I highly recommend reading the Serial K to readers worldwide. Gritty, edgy, and the most thrilling chase readers will read. 


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