5 Stars
Reviewed By Divine Zape

Readers’ Favorite

Serial K Returns by Brian Gallagher is a thriller that features a serial killer, an intense crime investigation, and the FBI working tirelessly to keep pace with a killer who works with a purpose. Craig Breedlove had once been a victim of abuse by a priest, and he has never gotten over it. This time, it is more than an urge. He’ll kill for revenge. He will kill for justice, and this time, he will raise the stakes. Readers are introduced to a thriller with very interesting characters, the kind they’ll read in the likes of James Patterson. Can FBI agents Lea Pucci and Ryan O'Callahan apprehend the killer and stop the dead bodies piling up?

Brian Gallagher has created a successful story that will have readers gripped, utterly seduced as they turn the pages, hoping for an ultimate confrontation between the investigators and the killer. The plot is wonderfully crafted, tantalizing, and loaded with instances that provoke curiosity and force the reader — literally — to keep on reading. The author seems to understand just perfectly how the FBI works. The characters are great and they all fitted perfectly into the fast-paced, dynamic plot. One of the things I enjoyed is the beauty of the language which features many powerful descriptions and great dialogue. Everything reads so naturally and it is hard not to believe that the story actually took place. Readers will also enjoy the psychological depth of the story, marveling at the author’s examination of the psychology of the killer. Serial K Returns is a captivating read, designed to keep readers glued to their seats until they turn the last page. 





5 Star Top Pick

Reviewed By Bemiown for

Night Owl Reviews

That first kill. Did it excite him? Did it disgust him? Sociopath Craig Breedlove picked the perfect spot for that first time. Thus the most famous serial killer of all time was about to make his appearance. His idols weren't the usual young man's ideas. Craig's were Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac. These were the men he looked up to, wanted to follow and be like. Right off the author has you in the grips of the story. You know you won't set the book down. As you turn the pages, the author has you thinking what made Craig this way. Was he just one of those evil people from the day he was born? Or were there circumstances that slowly turned him into this monster? So many before him and so many after him. What does this to a person? This is on your mind constantly as you turn the pages. You wonder what makes his mind tick. Is there any goodness in there or has "life" taken it all away. ? After that first kill, he becomes one of the FBI's most wanted. As a FBI agent and his ex-wife, a FBI profiler team up to find and put this guy away, Craig changes the ones he is looking to kill. Now it's directed at the FBI.

This author put the creep in creepy. The way he wrote this story, it could very possibly be reality. It happens all the time. Serial killers, how many have there been through time? There are so many thrillers that have been written and I love these kind of thrillers, but this one is one of those that make the hairs on your arms stand up. Just as you think you've got it figured out, another body, dead body, shows up. The story is like a tangled web, a web of a warped mind, that is killing and killing, going on from one to another. Everyone has their idols, their heroes, but when your heroes are other serial killers, that adds to the creep in the creepy. The suspense the author creates is nail biting. You just know when you turn that page, another body will be waiting for you, a dead body. The author has Craig trying to go up one on killers like Gacy and Dahmer. He was going to outdo them. That was his goal. We also have the FBI duo, who still have some passion between them even though they are no longer married, but when Craig's killing is focused on the FBI, are they in more danger than usual. Are they targets now? The author shows the darkness that can be in the deep recesses of the mind. We all have a little darkness hidden in there, but Craig's darkness emerged and became his life.

If you are a thriller addict, this book is like no other I've read and I've read a lot of them. If you like creepy, than creepy you get. This author has this story down pat and I can't say anything else other than READ IT! (Don't forget the next book either, Serial K Returns)

5 Stars
Reviewed By Lisa McCombs

for Readers’ Favorite

Ah…retirement. Something maybe not planned as expected, but exhilarating just the same. “I’m going to pine trees, lakes, and cool breezes,” Ryan O’Callahan confirms when asked what he plans to do next in life. His years in government law enforcement have been exciting, but it is time to hang back and enjoy life. When his ex-wife/current lover Lea agrees to step down as a full-time criminal profiler for the FBI and join O’Callahan in Wisconsin, Ryan is certain that they can rejuvenate their relationship and he can devote many hours to his writing. His dreams are short-lived, though, when hours after moving into his new home their lives are threatened by a dangerous Mexican cartel. To top things off, retired Catholic priests begin popping up dead with all the trademark signs of a former crime spree solved by Ryan and Lea. But…the Ripper is dead, right?

Brian Gallagher has done it again! Serial K Returns is even more intense than the first installment in the lives of two ambitious FBI agents who could not make a marriage work, but who fit together better than a hand in a glove. As Ryan O’Callahan and Lea Pucci continue to work together as professional criminal investigators, their devotion to one another continues to grow stronger and stronger. If this were not an obvious crime story, Gallagher could lay claim to the romance genre with his convincing and often humorous dialogue and intimate love scenes. Move over, Patterson. I believe that Brian Gallagher is here to stay! 

5 Star Review

Urban Lit Magazine
Review: Serial K Returns

For fans of CSI and criminal minds, Serial K Returns by Brian Gallagher, is a must read. This sequel starts where the last one left off...a serial killer humiliated by a newspaper reporter. The killer is bent on revenge. The anger and frustrations from a scathing news report about him...leads him to kill again. Once he begins, he doesn't stop. From there things get interesting for the main characters. Both partners and lovers come together again in chasing a serial killer once thought to be dead. However, the danger and risks are much higher than before...Brian Gallagher has brilliantly woven politics, governmental affairs and real forensics into his novel. The scenes were bone chilling and my arms broke out in goosebumps as the tale took me deeper into the serial killer chase. The killer himself is a fascinating bad guy. A profiler can easily diagnose him but catching is a bit more difficult. He's smart, cunning, and ruthless. No empathy. The lead female character, Lea, is a strong female lead. Her work ethic and tough attitude make her an ambitious yet most loved character. I see her as a female who loves her line of work and will not quit, not even for love. Lea has to be in the field and catch the bad guys. Seeing her sit still and twiddle her thumbs isn't her style. Brian Gallagher did well when he created her. She intrigues and excites characters in her life. There will always be something happening wherever Lea goes.

 Serial K Returns is a powerful read. It has the intensity, fear, and drive to keep readers constantly on their toes until the end. Even then, readers wonder what will come next. I loved following this book and the previous one as well. Brian Gallagher has a raw talent for creating the perfect atmospheres and the best plot lines. Juicy, enticing, and frightening. There's so much inside this novel for readers to be entertained from the beginning to end. I was definitely hooked on the first page. Brian is indeed a master with suspense thrillers.  I highly recommend his story, Serial K Returns, to readers everywhere.

5 Star Review
Mary Firmin
author of Deadly Pleasures

Brian Gallagher has outdone himself one more time. When I read Serial K I was so impressed I reached out to him to convey my congratulations. As a result Mr. Gallagher sent me a copy of his next novel Serial K Returns, not yet published. This book is incredibly exciting and complete enough to stand alone as well as being a great sequel. Once again the author combines a terrific premise with outstanding writing. His motley crew of Avengers are totally unique and different, their personalities equal to the task he sets for each one of them. The vicious title character is truly dark and sinister and his horrifying deviance is ongoing to the very last page. In this book, Mr. Gallagher ventures a strong morality lesson and interjects some interesting political opinions which brings this book to another higher level. The love story of the two FBI Agents is sexually charged, satisfying even the most erotic romance lovers among us. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves gory, gruesome murders and especially when you can almost rationalize them. In my opinion Serial K Returns is a five-star book, and I cannot wait to read Brian Gallagher's next thriller.

5 Stars
Reviewed By Gisela Dixon

Readers’ Favorite

Serial K Returns by Brian Gallagher is the sequel to the Serial K novel about the life and mind of a serial killer named Craig Breedlove. Serial K Returns continues on from where the first novel left off and yet it is a standalone story all by itself. In this sequel, Craig re-emerges after a period of laying low to go after people with a vengeance. When a journalist publishes an account of him that he doesn’t like, the anger and hate inside him lead him to his first murder in months. As a result, Craig is once again caught up in his demons of anger, revenge, and murder. FBI agents Pucci and O’Callahan team together to solve this latest spate of murders while being intimately involved at the same time. This is once again a thriller full of twists and turns that is guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.
I had already read the first book—Serial K—by Brian Gallagher and had loved reading it so I was excited to be reading the sequel. Serial K Returns is just as thrilling and engaging as the first one and the fear and thrill of the plot starts off right from the first page. There is a familiar cast of characters in this book and, once again, I found myself fascinated with looking at things via the mind and eyes of a serial killer. I appreciated the empathetic yet realistic manner in which Craig is portrayed, and the interpersonal relationships between the agents and the killer, among others, add an added element of suspense to the plot. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read.