5 stars! 
Reviewed By Lisa McCombs

for Readers’ Favorite
When Craig Breedlove’s parents die not many days from one another, he does not waste much time claiming his inheritance and starting the life he had dreamed of. His fascination with the most renowned serial killers in history was intoxicating. Ramirez and Dahmer, they were the best; but Breedlove was ready to usurp their supremacy and evolve into the greatest serial killer in history. Unfortunately for him, FBI profiler Lea Pucci and agent Ryan O’Callahan found common ground in their fascination with Breedlove. Though divorced for a few years, there was no denying the strength of their working relationship. They were a team, with or without the marriage license. Breedlove’s desire to go down in history as the greatest serial killer of all time was in jeopardy with Pucci and O’Callahan on his trail. Or, was it?

Serial K by Brian Gallagher had me from the first line: “It was a perfect spot for his first kill.” The banter between main characters Pucci and O’Callahan is intoxicating in the reality of human emotions portrayed; as well as later dialogue from more minor, but essential characters. Special Agent Link provides the perfect internal conflict necessary to a well-rounded story line. He is that bully existent in every work place and his shallow character is easily identifiable for readers of all interests. Brian Gallagher is in obvious contention with such crime writing greats as Stuart Wood and James Patterson. This reviewer gobbled up Serial K in one afternoon and is anxious for more!



Diane Donovan, Recommended Reading,

Donovan's Literary Services.
What happens when a sociopath decides to become the most famous killer in history, challenging the fame of Jack the Ripper and other serial murderers? What happens when his heroes serve as goals, to be superseded by a greater achievement? A dangerous manhunt and story of madness lead an FBI agent and his ex-wife profiler on a deadly hunt which becomes more personal when the elusive killer targets his hunter.

An affinity for gruesome murders and a man's evolving mental disorder which produces a penchant for serial killer history will lend to an appreciation of this murder investigation, which alternates between the killer's perspective and that of his pursuers. As "Breedlove" alternates between personas and a savvy investigator narrows the search to identify him, not only do the bodies pile up, but the killer's deft ability to pit various FBI forces against one another through careful doubt and sly maneuvers makes for an engrossing cat-and-mouse game that couples a fast-paced series of events with vivid encounters not only between killer and prey, but between investigators.

This attention to dual subplots adds an extra, unexpected dimension to Serial K, creating a story that is replete with tension and psychological depth. Between setups, traps, savvy perceptions, and deadly games, Serial K offers a series of scenarios that are satisfyingly unpredictable and lend to some vivid associations.

Replete with powerful forces pulling characters in different directions at any given point in the story line, Serial K is a satisfyingly absorbing read for any interested in murder investigations and mysteries that hold no obvious path to easy resolution.

5 stars !

​​Reviewer: Danielle Urban      

Urban Lit Magazine​
Serial K by Brian Gallagher is the latest novel by this talented writer. His new book took me by surprise. This is completely different from his first novel and a whole lot more complex.  The tale reveals a serial killer set on copying his "heroes" who just happened to be the worst and most famous serial killers of their time. The plot moves quickly as the numbers of dead bodies pile up...and the FBI  feels the pressure. Imagine a serial killer being smart enough to create doubt in the collective FBI mind...that kind of power sent chills down my spine. The murders occur in a bone chilling realistic way. I felt like I was dragged into the darkest CSI crime episode of all time. The killer is a sociopath who feels nothing yet responds when he’s ridiculed. His anger and childhood traumas define how he came to be what he is...and while the FBI thinks they’ve solved the crime, they’re wrong...because this serial killer isn't done. Especially, after a reporter with the Arizona Republic mocks him. 

Brian Gallagher brought out the darkest yet most haunting tale to readers everywhere. I learned facts and details that actually describe serial killers, their motives and why they do what they do. Being inside a serial killer's mind is frightening. Yet, here I was deeply engrossed in the plot. Fast, well-written, and engaging. I was constantly held in suspense. The beginning caught my attention and from there I was pulled into this novel. The scenes were deadly and gruesome, but believable yet entertaining. Brian Gallagher has once again lured me into his brilliant world of fiction. His work never ceases to amaze me. I loved reading this new title, and I can't wait to see his next book.  I highly recommend reading the Serial K to readers worldwide. Gritty, edgy,
and the most thrilling chase readers will read. 

5 Stars!   Unputdownable !!!!
By Mary Firmin, author of  Deadly Pleasures

January 15, 2017
This is a fabulous book! One of the best I have read in some time. The premise is brilliant and I wish I had thought of it. Mr. Gallagher has a wonderful sense of humor with which he tempers the most gruesome details of the killings. The relationship between the FBI Investigators is realistic and HOT! The pace of this book is remarkable and kept me interested until the very end. My congratulations to the author. I cannot wait until I can buy the sequel. I hope it is very soon. Mary Firmin.

5 Stars!

Night Owl Reviews

June 2017

Review by: Bemiown
That first kill. Did it excite him? Did it disgust him? Sociopath Craig Breedlove picked the perfect spot for that first time. Thus the most famous serial killer of all time was about to make his appearance. His idols weren't the usual young man's ideas. Craig's were Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac. These were the men he looked up to, wanted to follow and be like. Right off the author has you in the grips of the story. You know you won't set the book down. As you turn the pages, the author has you thinking what made Craig this way. Was he just one of those evil people from the day he was born? Or were there circumstances that slowly turned him into this monster? So many before him and so many after him. What does this to a person? This is on your mind constantly as you turn the pages. You wonder what makes his mind tick. Is there any goodness in there or has "life" taken it all away. ? After that first kill, he becomes one of the FBI's most wanted. As a FBI agent and his ex-wife, a FBI profiler team up to find and put this guy away, Craig changes the ones he is looking to kill. Now it's directed at the FBI.

This author put the creep in creepy. The way he wrote this story, it could very possibly be reality. It happens all the time. Serial killers, how many have there been through time? There are so many thrillers that have been written and I love these kind of thrillers, but this one is one of those that make the hairs on your arms stand up. Just as you think you've got it figured out, another body, dead body, shows up. The story is like a tangled web, a web of a warped mind, that is killing and killing, going on from one to another. Everyone has their idols, their heroes, but when your heroes are other serial killers, that adds to the creep in the creepy. The suspense the author creates is nail biting. You just know when you turn that page, another body will be waiting for you, a dead body. The author has Craig trying to go up one on killers like Gacy and Dahmer. He was going to outdo them. That was his goal. We also have the FBI duo, who still have some passion between them even though they are no longer married, but when Craig's killing is focused on the FBI, are they in more danger than usual. Are they targets now? The author shows the darkness that can be in the deep recesses of the mind. We all have a little darkness hidden in there, but Craig's darkness emerged and became his life.

If you are a thriller addict, this book is like no other I've read and I've read a lot of them. If you like creepy, than creepy you get. This author has this story down pat and I can't say anything else other than READ IT! (Don't forget the next book either, Serial K Returns)

5 stars! 
Reviewed By Gisela Dixon

for Readers’ Favorite
Serial K by Brian Gallagher is a thriller centered around the mind and actions of a serial killer, a gripping novel that starts off with an introduction to a man named Craig Breedlove and his first kill. The story then takes us back a bit and slowly we learn about Craig’s family background in Arizona, his dysfunctional family relationships, his abuse, and how that affected his life and relationships: in short, we learn how Craig became a serial killer. Craig is obsessed with past serial killers and has been since he was a child, and as a result, his killings are often orchestrated to mimic past ones. As law enforcement officers find more bodies, what results is a chilling and gripping tale of action, suspense, and murder.

Serial K by Brian Gallagher is a psychological thriller in a certain sense because the essence of the book lies in unraveling the mind and thoughts of a serial killer, who typically suffers from a personality disorder, including anti-social personality disorder with the classic symptoms of a lack of empathy and the inability to differentiate between right and wrong. I think Brian Gallagher does a great job presenting the novel from both perspectives, the victim as well as the killer. What I also loved about the book was that Brian has dealt with the subject with a mature understanding that shows how serial killers are not born; they in fact become this way through their early experiences. The fast-paced writing and exciting plot kept me turning the pages of this book in one sitting. This is a very well-written book that I would highly recommend!

5 stars! 
Reviewed By Tracy A. Fischer

for Readers’ Favorite
Wow! Just, wow! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Serial K, the newest offering by author Brian Gallagher. This book grabbed me by the throat from the very start and kept me obsessively reading all the way through the very last page. This roller coaster of a read follows the story of Craig Breedlove and his movement into a very dark place indeed. Craig, a complete sociopath, has decided to follow in the footsteps of some of his heroes, who just happen to be some of the most diabolical serial killers of all time, including John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein. Breedlove is soon at the top of the FBI’s most wanted list, and FBI Special Agent Ryan O’Callahan has been charged with heading the investigation focused on bringing him to justice. Together with his ex-wife, FBI profiler Lea Pucci, O’Callahan is pulled down the dark and twisty paths of this madman, determined to put a stop to his murderous rampage before even one more person suffers at his hands. Will they succeed? Or will they become Breedlove’s next victims? You’ll have to read this excellent and creepy new book to find out!

I so enjoyed Serial K. Being a lover of creepy stories with unexpected twists and turns, this story was perfect for me as a reader. Author Brian Gallagher has done an absolutely fantastic job in creating a story that is unique and realistic, characters that his readers will relate to, and a story line that is like none other they have encountered before, a feat in itself in the crowded genre of thriller fiction. Any reader who loves thrills and chills and a unique story line should absolutely read this book. I am pleased to be able to give Serial K my highest recommendation, and look forward to reading much more from the very talented author, Brian Gallagher, as soon as I am able to do so!

5 stars! 
Reviewed By Viga Boland

for Readers’ Favorite
If there's one thing that's all wrong about the protagonist of Serial K by Brian Gallagher, it's his name: Craig Breedlove. The last thing Mr. Breedlove does is breed love! But if only that was all that was wrong with him. Craig Breedlove is a rich, narcissistic, murdering sociopath who wants to prove he's the greatest serial killer of all time. He thrives on the fear that headlines about his gruesome kills create, and is glued to the papers and TV reports to enjoy his notoriety. When he doesn't get the press he craves, he begins calling the police, even the FBI to tease them, giving them riddles to solve to track him down. But being a narcissist, he honestly believes that, just like the best of the serial killers, he will never be caught. And that is enough to keep fans of this genre flipping the pages as fast as they can go. Along the way, although he doesn't want one, Breedlove acquires an acolyte, a Satan-worshiping computer hacker, as an accomplice. Between them, all hell breaks loose, not just in cities across the USA, but within the ranks of the FBI who are bamboozled as to how Serial K is forever able to elude them. 

Watching the FBI scrambling around for clues is hilarious for Breedlove, and to a certain extent for readers. There's no Criminal Minds BAU stars working on this case, but there's one, Link, who thinks he is, and boy, does Breedlove show him who's the star of this show. The more sensible, intelligent FBI agent is Lea, who is teamed up with her ex-husband, a writer, to track and nail down Breedlove. Do they succeed? You have to read the book to find out. Brian Gallagher is a very good writer. He doesn't waste readers' time. The plot isn't all that deep, but it never stops moving thanks to Gallagher's skillful use of dialogue. Characters are believable, if not all of them likeable, especially the foul-mouthed FBI agent, Link. His non-stop barrage of expletives leaves his team cold, and odds are some readers might find it hard to take, along with the very gruesome details of each murder. 

Serial K is not a book for the squeamish: it's way too gory and Craig Breedlove is way too despicable. That said, he is also laughable, and the reader does laugh at him while he's busy laughing at others. In other words, Brian Gallagher has tossed in some humor to balance the horror. If you like this kind of writing and content, you'll enjoy Serial K.​